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From very young age he began to worked in local theater companies.

He graduated from University of California, Los Angeles.

An American mind blowing actor, producer, and writer who is better known for his consistent role as Billy Chenowith on the hit HBO television series, Six Feet Under.

He is son to Richard "Dick" Sisto, a jazz musician and Reedy Gibbs, an actress.

After deciding to co-habitate with his girlfriend Dallas (Cheryl Hines), George's daughter Tessa (Jane Levy) protested and left to move in with her mom.But the beginning of the season is the end of that cycle." Sisto also talked with about George and Tessa's new "resolve," the fallout from his breakup with Dallas, and whether he thinks they'll end up together.Chatswin and more of our favorite small towns on TV We left George in a really rough place last season. Jeremy Sisto: Tessa comes home one day and instead of her mom, she finds me with a note from her mom saying that she left.She comes off the train and realizes that she has this renewed interest in her mom, and George tries to be respectful of that," Kapnek says. And at the same time, I think he's very self-conscious about what the grandmother's version of what happened is." Jokes Kapnek: "It's really nice, complicated stuff for a half-hour comedy." vet Rachel Dratch to lock horns with Sheila Shay But while George is taking a step back from his role as overbearing Father of the Year to Tessa, he may just take on that same role with someone else's daughter."George reaches the realization like, 'I've got to step back. "We move very quickly into our dating stories with George and Dallas.

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