When to give out your phone number online dating

You’re sure he’s going to ask for your number and you can’t wait until your first date.The perfect scenario is playing out in your mind but what happens next is a combination of faith, luck and extreme discipline."I equate online dating to looking for a job," says Julie Spira, cyber-dating expert and author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating.

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"Your primary photo should be all about you." She recommends posting between three to five photos only—any more and "it's as if you're already smothering your future partner." Also, be sure to include a shot where you can see your body.

you meet a guy that you like, and you have a great conversation.

You’re flirting laughing and seemingly having a great time.

So here are some of the most obvious online dating "flags" I suggest you use to steer clear of players and time-wasters: 1. Beware if he sends you a "wink" or a "smile" instead of a properly written e-mail.

I guarantee that the man who will ultimately want to marry you will not send you a "wink." Please don't be fooled into thinking he's "shy" or just intimidated by your fabulousness.

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