Validating excel cells takeshi kaneshiro dating

He wonders how to stop them from entering other entries—like text or dates or times—in the cell.The easiest way to do this is to use Excel's data validation feature.

For example, you might populate the fields for the Input Message, as shown in Figure 4.

In the loan amortization worksheet, you would like to restrict the values that a loan origination officer can enter when creating the amortization schedule.

More specifically, you would like to insert the following rules: To ensure the worksheet meets the three rules outlined above, begin by selecting cell D4 and clicking Data Validation on the Data tab of the Ribbon to open the Data Validation rule dialog box pictured in Figure 2.

This feature allows you to define the parameters of what can be entered in a cell.

Follow these steps: People can now enter only a numeric value within the range you specified. Since they are maintained internally, by Excel, as numbers, it is possible to enter a date, provided the date is parsed into a numeric value that is within the range you specify.

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