Things that are not intimidating

The web is an amazing resource..can actually learn HOW to be intimidating -- in fact, there is a lot more out there about how to intimidate people than there is about how to NOT be intimidating. But in an effort to learn, I thought I'd explore how one might become intimidating -- maybe it will help me realize what I'm doing that makes people feel intimidated...

So, I started doing some digging into what makes people intimidating. Thankfully, God loves me just the way I am and I know He'll help me take one step at a time to grow into a softer, more approachable person...

I believe it was a combination of a lack of self-confidence on my part and the natural forces inherent in sexual relationships.""The real problem may be considering women who are unmarried to be failures.

We don't usually think of unmarried guys in this way, if their lives are going well otherwise.

Christine recalls, "I recently had a male friend tell me, ' Chris, men just want a woman who's going to be home and be a great wife and mother. Look at you, you're going 100 mph all the time, no guy wants that.'""I am attractive, in gosh-darn good shape, fun, great sense of humor, full of energy and life, smart and ambitious," says Christine.

It's the gap in intelligence —not gender — that causes the intimidation."Do strong career minded women intimidate guys? It probably has more to do with these women having chosen to spend their time and effort trying to accomplish other goals instead of pursuing and working on relationships." "Honestly, when it comes down to it, all men have a little bit of intimidation in them, simply because of the historical dominance of males in society.

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Intimidation (also called cowing) is intentional behavior that "would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities" to fear injury or harm.

Men inherit milllennia years of social and hierarchical dominance and either knowingly or unknowingly have an irrational fear of losing their territory." As a younger single man, I was intimidated by the women I was attracted to; the more sexually attracted I was, the more intimidated I felt.

They had the power to grant or deny my romantic desires and, whether they knew it or not, they wielded that power.

I'm on a quest to really examine this definition of intimidation, get some feedback from people I trust, and who I know will be honest with me and look hard in the mirror.

Intentionally make the other person feel inferior.4. It stands to reason, then, that to be "softer," maybe I should focus on the opposite of these things...1. I really do focus too much on myself; I'm still learning about how to admit and share my vulnerabilities and fears; I'm not sure that I consistently position myself to serve (nor that when I do, my motives are always pure);and I'm don't always remember the importance of affirming others...

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