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Gray did insist that the system currently in place is in need of regulation, though it is likely that few thoughtful opponents of the currently proposed changes would beg to differ on that point.

Gray's comments were made at the Bahamas Fly Fishing Industry Association’s (BFFIA) annual general meeting, and anecdotal information on attendees' responses to the ground covered at the meeting have been mostly positive.

According to Bjorn Stromsness, on his blog Bonefish on the Brain, "emerging from that meeting, the people I talked to sounded pleased, optimistic and hopeful.

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And while there has been little new information since news spread several weeks ago about proposed legislation in the Bahamas — which critics fear will end do-it-yourself bonefishing on Bahamian flats, block foreigners from lodge ownership and institute a corruption-ready day use permit system — Gray's comments may provide some reason to be hopeful that things be moving in the right direction.

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