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Do you create an enabling dynamic for your adult child?En español | When your children reach their 20s, the balance of connection between you and them seesaws.We tend to be critical of responses that are not precisely what we hope for.Her shortcomings—the endless reminders to be careful; her compulsive checking-up whether you have your keys as you head out the door, when you forgot them only once, two years ago; her inability to read an instruction manual—irritate and embarrass us, because we retain our idealization of the powerful nurturer of infancy.The process continues with a mother's ongoing ability to acknowledge her developing child as a person with independent thoughts and feelings. As you hear his voice, you have conflicting thoughts including, “What the heck is it now?'Cause I'm not done, more to come." “If the daughter was an unrelated adult, the mother would have been brought up on assault charges,” one person commented.“Suggestion to the mother; If you find out one day that your daughter is in an abusive relationship and want to know why your daughter chooses to accept and stay in the relationship, look back over this video, I’m sure you’ll find some answers here.” “The Special Victims Unit has looked in to the case and officers have spoken directly with the mother and daughter,” Green said.

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I pose the question to a group of teenage girls, who raise their hands high."And so when I saw that" -- cue a notorious clip of Donald Trump flapping his hands to mock the disability of a reporter -- "that was completely disqualifying. They're set to debut on TV in battleground states starting Monday.But psychologically speaking, a difficult mother is a great deal more than a person with whom we have difficulties from time to time.A truly difficult mother is one who presents her child with a profound dilemma: "Either develop complex and constricting coping mechanisms to maintain a relationship with me, at great cost to your own outlook, imagination, and values, or suffer ridicule, disapproval, or rejection." A difficult mother presents challenges that a difficult father or other relative does not.

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