Live chat for teens

It’s common to feel confused, scared or overwhelmed.

Option Line live chat is available any time, day or night.

The staff members, from the administrators to the moderators, are just like you.

Chat is the perfect for place for chatting after school, on a break from studying or just life. Click the link below to log in and chat with a peer counselor in an instant messaging session. Chat 4 Teens is a safe and anonymous place for you to vent and work through problems, or get information about other resources.READ MORE: Essex Schools warn parents about 'highly contagious' vomiting bug after pupil sickness If the users match they can begin chatting.The statement in Thurstable School's newsletter reads: "Literally anybody is free to create an account and immediately start talking to strangers."As well as a chat platform, the app works by linking to your Snapchat and Tinder accounts, helping you add people easily to those platforms."This obviously brings an immediate danger to users, especially children, as they are more than likely talking to someone a lot older than them or in worse cases, talking to people who are lying about their age/gender/location."This is an app to be avoided for people of all ages, as the freedom of adding strangers across the world has potential to be very dangerous."There is a lot of ammo in this app for people to pretend to be someone they are not which could put children especially in threatening situations."Tinder sets its minimum age at 18 and specifically sells itself as a dating app.

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