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Men should lead; they’re the ones who should be in charge – the ones that take control in every situation and go after what they want. Women want to date spicy, assertive, intriguing men.

Your apartment might not be the home you always imagined. A bad boy is enthusiastic about every part of his life.

You can be honest with each other and communicate your feelings.

In a committed relationship, you have the potential to be open and direct with your partner, and expect the same in return.

Don’t stress – most families are – so be wholehearted about them.

Terri Orbuch says committed sex is great because “your partner knows your likes and dislikes already.The magic of ‘love at first sight’, the exhilaration of ‘falling in love’ and the magnificence of ‘giving our hearts to one another’ exemplify romantic love.Of all the kinds of love we can experience, it is this heady, thrilling but typically short-lived and often tumultuous love that has been embedded in Western culture as a pinnacle of human fulfilment for hundreds of years. Your heart tells you that one day you’ll fall in love with them. It starts as a slow feeling of like and develops into something very powerful – something that’s overpowering. You’re constantly thanking the universe for bringing you such a wonderful feeling. It’s something that makes you happy almost all the time. Love is being passionate about life and everything you can accomplish.

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